Quota management, transaction crediting, commission calculations - all under one roof

A game of constant competition, selling is becoming increasingly more reliant on technology. Instead of trusting their gut feeling, successful sales teams are driven by hard numbers and big data - both when they set their goals and when they deliver. Sales Performance Management tools crunch all the numbers for you.

What is Sales Performance Management?

Sales Performance Management, abbreviated as SPM, eliminates the burden of complex, multi-level internal calculations related to your sales department. Calculating payroll, analysing quotas and quota achievement rates, getting the payout curve right - these are some of the areas SPM solutions will take care of.

These tools are intended for back-office use and front-end visibility. They grant a comprehensive insight into your company's sales data, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-life numbers and recommendations. You'll be able to see what went well in the past and what can be done in the future to tweak the things that did not go so well previously.

By introducing your sales team to digital transformation best practices, you make sure that they meet your organization's expectations and are compensated for their work fairly and timely. Thanks to advanced analytics and introducing "what-if" scenarios and simulations, your salespeople feel more comfortable, knowing the strategy they're following is attuned to reality.

The software is there not only to crunch the numbers but also to set the scene for the sales to happen.

Who is SPM for?

Companies, whose commission rate calculations are complex and ineffective to manage manually.

Sales Performance Management helps not only the management but most importantly: the employees who feel that the expectations put forward by the organization are not unrealistic and that their work matters and contributes to the growth of the organization. The data helps them focus on the broader sales strategy.

Although many companies claim to already be using sales-enabling software, what they often lack is a comprehensive approach to such technology. The solutions they use don't encompass all areas of the sales process. For that reason, a well-executed SPM environment will cover not only customer acquisition and sales but also even the most complex commissionable scenarios.

What are the benefits of SPM?

Data-driven sales teams experience a higher level of:

Effective planning

Effective planning

You gain access to comprehensive insights and automatically-calculated forecasts. The software gives you a chance to tweak your processes and re-organize them to suit your needs better.

Results delivery

Results delivery

Thanks to the data analyzed by SPM software, your sales team becomes more aware of what needs to be done to deliver the results.

Saving your employees' time

Saving your employees' time

Thanks to automation of repetitive tasks, your employees will no longer devote time to ineffective work.

Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

With their bonuses and commission fees taken care of by software, sales representatives feel more safe, knowing that their work will be rewarded in a fair and timely manner.

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