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A strategic partnership with Nintex

To successfully implement the change and improve our customers' way of work, we implement the best Process and Workflow Automation Tools. It's a passion that we share with Nintex.

Nintex provides the Nintex Process Platform, which balances costs, app development time, and satisfaction throughout 10,000+ public and private sector organizations in 90 countries - in the most favorable way.

How will we implement your Nintex Process Platform?

Over the years, we helped many enterprises streamline business processes and workflows, making them more flexible, predictable, and corresponding to the specific KPIs. Our experience led us to develop the implementation method for the Process Automation Tools.

It is a 5-step process allowing us to understand and answer your needs in the most precise, complete, and optimal way.


Identyfikacja procesu

Przeprowadzamy analizę i identyfikujemy listę potencjalnych procesów do automatyzacji z wykorzystaniem RPA. Następnie analizujemy zasadność biznesową i oczekiwane zwroty z inwestycji.

Spotkanie 1-3h

Ocena procesu

Przygotowujemy kosztorys i zakres prac. Analizujemy również wyjątki w ramach procesu i przygotowujemy mapę procesu w stanie obecnym.

3-5 dni
Biznes, dział IT
Konsultant, Programista RPA

Budowa robota

Tworzymy backlog zadań w oparciu o estymację, szczegółowy plan wdrożenia, rozpoczynamy budowę bota, przygotowujemy kompletną dokumentację projektu (Solution Design Document)

6-21 dni
Biznes, dział IT
Programista RPA

Testy akceptacyjne

Przeprowadzamy testy akceptacyjne w środowisku klienta i wprowadzamy niezbędne zmiany.



Przenosimy bota do środowiska produkcyjnego i szkolimy użytkowników końcowych. Następnie wspieramy i ulepszamy rozwiązanie.

1-3 dni
Biznes, dział IT
Programista RPA

Benefits for GGS Customers

Preparing for the digital change and thus improvements within your business processes, you gain a transparent and optimized implementation process from GGS IT Consulting, supported by our experience and expert knowledge and Nintex Process Platform - a versatile solution that will help you streamline your operations, increase overall work efficiency, and raise your crew job satisfaction.

Intuitive workflows

To speed up various activities and operations, including multi-employee decision projects and operations

Drag&drop and no-code experience

To create workflows in the most accessible way and build RPA bots codeless and no time


To integrate many systems and platforms - the office suite, communicators, CRM apps, social media, or databases -and work from virtually every place globally

Tool driving the value

Streamlining and accelerating work in all departments: Sales & Sales Ops, HR, IT, Customer Service, Operations & Shared Services, Finance, Legal, Marketing, and others

Why Nintex?

Nintex offers solutions that help companies accelerate their digital transformation. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies are among over 10,000 organizations that use Nintex products.

The company's software supports integrating with leading business ecosystems like Microsoft (SharePoint, Office 365), Salesforce, Box, Azure Cloud, and many more. Nintex addresses its solutions and services to the companies seeking the enhance their business values no matter the business role, department, or industry.

Globally recognized process management and automation software from Nintex translate into

Workflows deployment efficiency

Workflows and process applications creation counted in hours or days instead weeks

Faster transformation

RPA automation, process mapping, documentation, and electronic signatures in workflows improve results measured by business indicators

Records and workflows interconnection

Pre-built connectors for Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many more

Processes excellence

Professional tools to boost work and make it best regardless of the industry or business

Our Strategic Partner's approach

The main goal of the Nintex Process Platform is to make all business processes easy to manage, automate, and optimize. Such an approach includes solutions like AI, machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

nintex ilustration


Enrich your business processes with visual plans, maps, and other tools to improve your ventures


Choose all processes that need to be automated and build your bots with the no-code approach


Automate processes and collect data to optimize your business


Make your business apps a part of your daily workflows. Use the existing and create new connectors


Napisz kilka słów o pomyśle jaki chcesz wdrożyć.

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