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Oracle APEX unveiled: features, speed, and cost insights

Sergiusz Świerczek
Sergiusz Świerczek
Oracle APEX unveiled: features, speed, and cost insights

When deciding to implement a new technology in a company, managers are faced with a number of important steps to carefully evaluate the solutions available on the market. In this context, we have prepared a concise description of the APEX platform, which will not only answer key questions related to price, implementation time, but also indicate to what extent APEX effectively solves specific business problems. With this guide, the decision-making process becomes clearer and more efficient.

What is Oracle Apex?

World's most popular platform for developing low-code enterprise applications. It allows you to build scalable and secure systems that are ideally suited to your organisation's internal processes, without the need to understand web programming languages. Applications created with APEX are based on an Oracle database and can be deployed anywhere - in the cloud or locally. With it, even novice developers can create applications that solve real business problems in a very short time.

Build applications in days or weeks, not months or years!

According to Oracle, creating an application using Apex is 20 times faster than the traditional approach using programming languages.

We don't agree with that!

Based on our experience, the delivery of projects from the identification of the customer's problem to the first go-live takes from a dozen to several dozen days, which is even faster than Oracle estimates. Thanks to such efficient software production, we are able to respond to the changes forced upon us by the macroeconomic environment from day to day and, most importantly, not deviate in quality one bit from traditional frameworks.

It must be expensive!

Well, it isn't. The Apex licence is completely free for Oracle database owners, so at this stage we will save a few thousand on another system licence. The real costs are generated by the development of the application, but due to the short time and small production teams, it is relatively low. It consists of installing the environment, which depends on the consultant's time - usually several days. The development of the application, on the other hand, is a timeframe of several to several dozen days of work by 1-2 consultants.

Low entry threshold

Proficiency in the Oracle database easily translates into the ability to create web applications on the Apex platform, and its development is so simple that just one person can create complex solutions. IT professionals in your company who know SQL will easily learn the platform and can maintain and even develop the system themselves. As a result, we do not need to engage external companies to maintain it and do not generate additional costs.

For companies with IT departments, we offer several days of training in APEX, after which they are able to develop applications in-house.

How can APEX be used in your company?

The platform allows the design of fully functional enterprise-class IT systems. However, its most popular usage among our clients is the extension of their software with additional modules or functionalities build in Apex.

If your company has an IT system based on an Oracle database (e.g. Impulse or JD Edwards) that does not meet all your expectations, with APEX we can "build an extension" to it. Our clients most often turn to us because the software they are using is unsuitable for their business needs. For example, creating a new reporting panel or a whole CRM module or for logistics. Using the Oracle platform, we will create a tailor-made solution.

For example, we can create:
  • New modules of an existing enterprise system (CRM, ERP, MRP, SCM, WMS, RCP)
  • Business Intelligence - a whole reporting module
  • Workflow improvement
  • Integration of separate data sources

How does Apex solve the problems associated with Excel?

Apex vs Excel - comparison

We recognise that the use of Excel is firmly entrenched in businesses around the world and we are not able to completely exclude it, especially when the companies we work with rely on it. However, with Drag&Drop functionality and file generation (XLS, CSV, XML, or JSON file), we can easily bring Excel into the system and generate it based on the tables in Apex.

Built-in functionalities

Oracle APEX provides a rich range of functionalities from which we can choose when developing applications. This provides the ability to develop unique solutions, which is a significant advantage over off-the-shelf systems that often offer an excess of redundant elements.

For example:

  • Charting engine
  • Notifications
  • Maps
  • Dynamic filters
  • Email generation
  • Calendars
  • Interactive and static grids

Access from anywhere in the world

The applications developed within this platform stand out not only for their ease of access from anywhere in the world, thanks to their web application nature, but also for their modern and intuitive user interface. Whether you are using a PC, smartphone or tablet, the APEX interface has been carefully designed to deliver a consistent and effective user experience across devices, allowing you to work efficiently regardless of your technology usage preferences.


Oracle APEX not only opens up new possibilities in business management, but also eliminates barriers related to price, implementation time and complex business issues. The free licence and low entry threshold make the benefits of using APEX accessible to all. Its intuitive interface, ease of access and functionality make APEX a key tool for efficient working, regardless of your preference for using technology.

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