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Our team is determined and afraid of nothing. Although there are just about 50 of us, we help more than 350 000 employees worldwide to achieve their goals.

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Choosing your own career path

Choosing your own career path

We welcome your ideas for self-development with open arms. We'll help you choose the best courses and training sessions to help you achieve your individual career goals.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Your coworkers will share their insight with you so that you can become more proficient at your job. You're more than welcome to help others learn more about your field of expertise, too!

Working partly remotely

Working partly remotely

We don't just let you work from home - we provide you with all the tools you deem necessary to make your home office an actual office.

Team building

Team building

At work, we don't have to be anonymous coworkers, when we can enjoy spending our time together. You'll get to know your colleagues during our frequent team building outings: we go bowling, play paintball, or simply hang out together.

Language courses

Language courses

We support your willingness to learn English or Polish. Our employees attend private sessions with native speakers. The lessons take place both at our office and remotely.

Private health care

Private health care

We offer various care packages with Allianz. You'll gain access to many health facilities across Poland.

Sports pass

Sports pass

We offer a wide range of MultiSport package options: Plus, Classic, Active.

More sports!

More sports!

We have an active football team who meet once a week to play ball indoors or outdoors, depending on the season. Our jogging group train for various events, such as KrwioBieg, which supports the blood donation cause.


Nothing can be done without people. We truly believe in our teams and here you can find some opportunities you will be given.

Interdisciplinary experience

We promote knowledge sharing. At the core of our teamwork mentality lies the value of continuous learning and constant development.

Personal engagement

Because we work in teams of 2-9 people, we can be sure that each member has a direct impact on the project.

International projects

Our customers reside in the countries of Western and Northern Europe, in the USA, and Japan. You'll meet them personally and work together on exciting ventures.

Testimonial background

GGS encourages creativity, collaboration and a genuine camaraderie among colleagues. A commitment to nurturing talent and encouraging personal and professional growth is something that sets this company apart. With local and international projects, the learning and development opportunities here are exceptional. Being part of GGS IT Consulting has been an enriching and fulfilling journey.
Aneta SamkoffEditor at GGS

Recruitment Process

We make sure to keep you informed about your progress. You can see the standard process below, but you should expect to be asked to take part in an extra meeting or to provide us with a reference letter.


Let's meet each other

Upload your resume with current contact information.


Resume review

We check if your previous experience, language fluency, and other skills meet the requirements of the job offer you've applied to. It takes 3-5 days.


20-minute phone call

We try to get to know you even better. We tell you more about the company, and the position you've applied to, and then ask a couple of questions. This is the first time your English fluency is tested.


Technical test online

If you've applied for an IT job, you get an online test meant to gauge your knowledge. This stage is omitted if it's not an IT position.



Either online or in the office. There are two stages: code pairing and HR soft skills. At this point you meet your prospective co-workers and are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like.


Final decision

We get back to you regardless of our decision within 2 weeks. If it's positive, we make you an offer. If it's negative, we give you feedback and encourage you to stay in touch.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our HR department - maybe it'll bring us closer to working together!