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Fastforward your company's digital transformation with low code

Rapid changes in business render standard methods of application building obsolete - with low code platforms, applications you need are ready immediately, not in months when they're already outdated.

What we do:


Not sure where to start? We’ll answer all your questions concerning low code platforms licensing, launch, and development.

Oracle Apex platform and licensing

We’ll advise you on the best plan selection and take care of all the licensing and documentation.

Lowcode platform launch

Easy, quick, and smooth low code platform launch and integration with your other systems.

App Development

Comprehensive app design, development, and support.

Knowledge transfer and lowcode trainings

Want a lowcode team in-house? Choose one of our workshops or training sessions.

6 steps to digital transformation with low code


Process analysis

we analyze processes at your company and set goals you can reach with low code



our recommendations and design for the application


Low code platform licensing and installation

we implement low code platform on your databse or launch it in cloud


Training for your team

as we launch a low code platform we'll train your implementation team and transfer our knowledge.



application development and integration with other systems at your company.



continuous monitoring, efficiency assessment, and charting path for further improvements

Why low code?

Fast and simple

Low code platforms make app development and deployment easier at all stages. It's as much as 20x faster, simpler and more efficient than the other options available.

Easy development

Low code is user-friendly. Its easy-to-navigate interface takes you step-by-step through app creation. Your team can quickly become proficient with the entire platform.

Powerful tool

From basic applications to complex and essential programms, you can develop a wide range of software for any sector that thousands of users worldwide utilize daily.

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Designed to create safe bespoke applications, frequently refreshed to meet changing requirements and web standards.


You can use low code platforms in various locations: on premises, or in the cloud. Additionally, you can distribute low code apps across all environments.

Integrates easily

Low code platforms are furnished with pre-built connectors for a number of applications to immediately streamline data exchange across the whole company.

Effortless management and administration

Low code platforms slash coding needs by 90%, making app maintenance and modifications fast and easy - especially when processes change.

Simplified risk management and governance

Low code development lets companies change quickly, so they can meet regulations easily and beat deadlines.

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Where can you use low code?

New Applications

Business priorities change rapidly - build apps fast and update easily as needed

Spreadsheet Replacement

Replace spreadsheets and consolidate your data with a single source of truth stored in a secure database.

Data Reporting

Integrate data from diverse sources and build interactive reporting apps without the risk of data breach.

External Data Sharing

Safe public facing apps for external users such as partners and customers.

ERP Extensions

Inefficient processes or missing functionality? Build an extension using Oracle APEX to improve performance.

Interfaces and dashboards

Set up data dashboards and create interfaces as needed with speed and ease.


Connect different systems within your organization to ensure uninterrupted data flow.


Efficiently map, optimize, and manage business processes at your organization.

Low code in practice

Low code solution implementation at ABB

Employees served
20 000


Oracle APEX

#1 choice low-code platfrom among enterprise-size organizations. Highest rated low code platforms in customer satisfaction according to Gartner.

Microsoft PowerApps

Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for enterprise low-code platforms.


Leader in workflow and content automation according to Aragon Research Globe.


Popular business process automation platform for enterprise-size companies.


Top platform for system integrations and approval flow.

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Here are some typical questions that you might have when it comes to the low code development.

How much does access to a low code platform cost?

Low code development is an approach to application development rather than something you can buy as an end-to-end solution. Of course, a base for low code development is a low code platform. Many of them have various pricing models, starting from per-user pricing, through per-app pricing, to usage-based models.

How long does it take to implement a low-code development model?

The time needed to develop a low code application depends on the complexity of the application. Therefore it is complicated to give an average time that is required to create such an application. Low code development, according to Oracle, is 20x faster with 100x less code. So to estimate the time needed to develop a low code app can be 10 - 20 times lower than typical development.

Should I use a consulting company to implement a low code development platform?

It is not necessary, you can start developing applications on your own, but it is not a recommended approach for companies starting their low-code journey. With the implementation partner, you will identify opportunities much faster and better, and properly set KPIs for activities related to low-code development. Implementation company will help you also to build an internal "citizen development" culture in your company. Over time, the partner can also transfer the necessary knowledge and competencies to allow you to develop applications internally with better results.

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