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After completing the form, we will arrange a 30-minute free phone call at a time convenient for you. During the call, our consultant will suggest how to approach the optimization of business processes. Thanks to this, you will assess which technologies will bring the greatest benefits in the area of automation and standardization of processes in your Company.

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What type of questions should I ask?

  1. How to reduce time spent on repetetive tasks?
  2. How transfrom business workflows into agile digital solution?
  3. How other Companies derive from Digital Transformation in:

    • insurance
    • banking
    • manufacturing
    • construction
  4. What type of budget should I have to expand digital potenatial?
  5. Is it possible to opimize Profit and Loss statment using digitalization?
  6. Which department is more suitable for digital opportunities in my company?

    • Operations
    • Fianance
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Product
  7. What is low code development?
  8. What is data werhouse and to use it?
  9. When automation makes sense and when it does not?

About us

Why is it worth talking to us?

More and more companies face the challenges related to the increasing number of procedures and market requirements. As a result, new processes are created in the Accounting, HR, Controlling, Logistics and Sales departments. They often consist of repetitive activities and require a great deal of commitment.

Being able to measure and control these processes, your company can enter a higher level of efficiency and profitability.

Who we are?

We are a team of 50 consultants, analysts, architects and developers specializing in the automation and robotization of business processes and the use of data to draw business value from it.

We help our clients achieve their business goals by optimizing and automating business processes in their companies. We combine a process approach with deep knowledge of technology and data analytics. Thanks to this, our consultants are able to suggest how to implement Digital Transformation, and let the people do thinking, while the computers do working.

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