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Robotic process automation consulting. How to find and choose the best experts

Damian Andruszkiewicz
Damian Andruszkiewicz
Robotic process automation consulting. How to find and choose the best experts

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being searched and implemented by many companies in various industries, to perform time-consuming tasks and streamline business processes. With growing competition and declining profit margins, companies look for automation as a solution. Quick ROI and easy (at first glance) implementation are factors that speed up the process of automation. In this article we will show you how your company can benefit from RPA consulting services, to assure that automation is being implemented and used in the most effective way.

What is robotic process automation consulting

Benefits from using RPA  consulting  services GGS

Automation of business processes integrates various technologies, concepts, and approaches. From a technical point of view, implementing RPA requires appropriate technology and IT systems integration, often generating capital expenditure.

Several years ago digitization was trending and many companies have implemented an electronic document workflow without proper thought. As a result, we can find even today companies that struggle with outlandish and intricate processes, executed in an even more outlandish way.

What actually is robotic process automation consulting? It is a service focused on researching opportunities, implementing solutions, and monitoring effectiveness, to accomplish full enterprise automation potential. RPA consultants help companies to not only to create automation strategy, and solve existing problems, but can also support them through team extension and creating Centers of Excellence.

Providing robotic process automation consulting as a service requires not only a broad view of RPA but also a deep understanding of business specifics, to link it with the right software, that helps to achieve desired changes in the company. There are many RPA tools available on the market, and the right one has to be chosen, so the company to benefit from implementation.

When we work with companies on RPA projects, we take into consideration company goals and strategy, as well as the level of skills and expertise in the company, which will affect the implementation process and future development of new automation.

We look for optimal features among available software, including (but not limited to):

  • ease of implementation, use and scalability potential,
  • level of skills and expertise in the company, which will affect the implementation process and future own development of new automation,
  • technical features, such as cognitive capabilities, document understanding, AI computer vision,
  • ownership costs, such as vendor fees, license fees, cost of implementation and maintenance,
  • vendor support and what training materials are available for users.

When robotic process automation consulting is needed

Steps of RPA implementation examples

From our experience companies that start cooperating with robotic process automation consultants at an early stage save a lot of time and resources - by having a partner that not only understands RPA specifics and requirements, but also has experience with the implementation process, and can share that knowledge with company employees.

Robotic Process Automation consultant supports companies at every stage of the RPA implementation process, helping to understand it and properly manage it at every stage.

In GGS IT Consulting we help our customers to:

  • Plan - create and automation strategy, based on company potential and industry specifics,
  • Discover - find automation opportunities, using specialized tools and through employees feedback,
  • Build - create robots and test them before going live at full scale,
  • Manage deploy and optimize automation at enterprise scale,
  • Engage - make sure that robots and employees work as one team, use feedback to further improve the process,
  • Measure and govern - monitor effectiveness, update configuration and measure KPI and ROI.

Professional RPA consulting company can not only create a process map for existing and new activities, to find repetitive, error-prone, and recurring tasks. We can also interact with company employees through interviews and by observing how they work and what they do, find opportunities for further optimization through automation.

How to find the right robotic process automation consulting service

What RPA consulting company should guarantee

Properly implemented, robotic process automation can be a huge boost for a company, by lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the quality of many processes. But without the right expertise, there is a huge chance that such an initiative might not be successful - according to an EY study between 30% to 50% of initial RPA projects fail.

Using the services of robotic process automation consulting experts can drastically improve the chances of success. That is why it is important to research and choose the right company.

Some factors that should be considered when looking for RPA consulting service are:

  • soft skills and understanding of company specifics - RPA software transforms the way employees work, by saving their time and allowing them to focus on more important tasks - but it is rarely the first thing that employees think about when they hear “automation” and “robotization”, especially in some industries. Ability to explain and show with authentic use cases how each team member can benefit from RPA software has huge value, allowing easier, faster, and less stressful implementation,
  • technical expertise - RPA consulting company with the right technical experience will be able to select and deploy automation tools that will be the best fit for your company, taking into account not only cost but most importantly process specifics and scalability,
  • availability and readiness for face-to-face meetings - although many steps of RPA implementation can be done virtually, we know from experience that for the best understanding of a company and its challenges robotic process automation consultants should be ready also to visit the company and explore it in person,
  • experience - RPA is growing fast and many companies start to look at it as an opportunity to expand the scope of consulting services they are providing. Because RPA consultants will start with evaluating company business requirements, they should be experienced with providing consulting services, so you can trust that they will understand your company specifics and translate them into RPA requirements,
  • transparent budgeting - it would be important to choose robotic process automation consulting experts that will budget their work according to your company expectations and possibilities, informing you upfront about any factors that can affect the budget of the implementation project.

To learn more about how we help our clients with robotic process automation consulting services visit our website section dedicated to RPA.

What do robotic process automation (RPA) consultants do exactly

With our experience from working on complex projects, as RPA consultants we are able to guide a company through the entire process of RPA implementation, from creating a strategy, discovering processes, designing optimal configuration, testing, up to full-scale use, and effectiveness monitoring.

GSS IT Consulting experts can support your company in starting digital transformation with RPA with:

  • defining strategy,
  • analyzing, understanding, and documenting business processes,
  • setting up operating models,
  • identifying technical infrastructure requirements to deploy automation solutions,
  • educating employees and helping to create an “RPA-friendly” environment, where each team member looks for more automation opportunities to support company transformation,
  • creating and documenting test scenarios and procedures to ensure optimal configuration,
  • training our clients on building, operating, and maintaining automation solutions,
  • helping to solve issues that arise in day-to-day operations with RPA software,
  • further support of the implementation of any type of automation technologies by the company,
  • helping to plan and set up Centers of Excellence or Process Mining Hubs, to boost up automation efforts.

How robotic process automation consulting companies share their expertise

We are working with companies on different stages of digital transformation, that is why we ensure that they would be able to find out with us how to approach the optimization of business processes in their companies. We achieve this through direct, free 30 minutes consulting sessions with companies looking for information on how to start with RPA and with our blog.

By providing both basic and in-depth information on digital transformation we are helping our clients at every stage of their journey, ensuring that our robotic process automation consulting services will be complete.

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