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We are a proud strategic partner of beqom technology

beqom Total Compensation and Sales Performance Management is the most complex and robust solution in enterprise compensation.

By partnering with the world's best TCM and SPM technology provider, we help our clients flawlessly move their HR/Comp&Ben/Fin/Sales operations from excels to cloud-based solutions.


beqom is one of the largest providers of compensation management software on the globe. With beqom’s software you can administer the long term incentive plans, bonuses and sales incentives with respect to eligibility, allocations, and approvals as well as any combination of instruments such as deferred shares, options, or cash.

beqom’s software allows you to easily track the performance metrics, vesting years, and exercises of the awards within multiple profiles. With beqom’s management software, tasks that are otherwise completely overwhelming and unmanageable become a simple process, complete with audit trail, and full reporting.

Compensation leaders love beqom, here is why:


Onboard your compensation team

With beqom technology, your team can easily access and manage all the compensation processes within one platform. And it’s easy and secure.

Managers manage compensation processes seamlessly with amazing user experience

With beqom software even the most complex comp cycle becomes easy, foolproof and simple. And it’s done automatically and correctly.

Attract payees with improved customer expierence mobile and web

beqom software provides a top platform for your employees, including insights and graphically appealing award-related information for the recipients.

Be secure with SOC2 and GDPR with confidential data

Security is not an option - it’s a must. Follow best market practices and be secure with SOC2 and GDPR compliant platform provided by beqom technology.

Join the scores of tech-savvy managers, who switched to the professional Total Compensation Management software!

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