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What is Long Tem Incentives Plan?

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Long-Term Incentives Plan is a form of reward granted to employees for reaching specific performance goals over a specific period of time. Your employee earns the LTI component of the compensation in the present but the payment is deferred until vesting, typically 3-5 years. Subsequently, the first payouts take place after the initial performance period and are spread over a course of time. LTIPs may include payouts in cash, stock or stock options, shares, and profit-sharing, and are highly configurable coming in all sorts of shapes and forms. Nowadays LTIs comprise over 60% of the total executive compensation. And they are getting more and more popular - 62% of private organizations offered some form of LTIP as part of their C-suite remuneration.

However, more LTIPs means more LTI packages to manage. As your enterprise grows so does the complexity and number of the LTI plans. Even though most companies leverage LTIPs to differentiate themselves from the competition, they still rely on spreadsheets and dated solutions.

Are you sick of trying to calculate everything in Excel spreadsheets? Can’t keep track of all the variables in your HCM? Join the scores of tech-savvy managers, who switched to the professional long-term incentive management software!

In this way you will be able to cut-out the repetitive work and eliminate mistakes, miscalculations, and data loss. Trade Excel spreadsheets, SAP SuccessFactors, WorkDay, or PeopleSoft for all-in-one software that will give you security, time, and peace of mind that everything is working effectively and efficiently. We’ll show you how!

Benefits of Long Term Incentives Plan software

LTIP software allows you to streamline the planning, implementation, and management of long term incentive plans while cutting costs and reducing errors. Especially the fatal ones, that could lead to unwanted data breaches and serious issues. Virtually any company granting LTI packages can benefit from software that will automate that process.

Unified Compensation Review

A consistent, single platform for all departments and executives involved in the Compensation Review process.

Regulatory Compliance

The software meets a broad set of international, and industry-specific regulatory standards, which is especially important in the case of enterprises operating on multiple markets.

Central Platform

For merging all your Comp & Ben data into one source of truth.

Budget and Cost on the Watch

The software watches after the budgets consumption and carries out the policies as planned.

Comp & Ben Intelligence

There are reports and analyses that are available in one place, containing all the data and information that you need.


With the software designed for the modern enterprise, scaling up to support the needs of the largest organizations is easy.


Comp&Ben Management software is agile and enables companies to quickly react to changes in the market and business requirements.


The software allows for multi-level access management and asset visibility.

Stages of LTIP software implementation for Long-Term Incentive Plan Implementation

Check out the most common stages of a typical long term incentive plan management software implementation process


Compensation Review process audit

We analyze how the Compensation Review process is carried out in the company and how it can be optimized, having in mind business legitimacy and expected returns. As an outcome, we create a process design documentation.


Design evaluation workshop with Client

We prepare estimation, the scope of work, and discuss audit conclusions with the customer team, to assure that the designed process will be compliant with company policy.



We create a task backlog based on estimation and a detailed implementation plan. We implement the solution in cooperation with the customer team, assuring a high level of transparency and communicating frequently.


User Acceptance Testing and Production Rollout

We conduct acceptance tests in the client's environment and implement the necessary changes. When ready and accepted, we move the software into the production environment and train end-users.


Support handover

We support and improve the solution, our support team watches over the software and responds quickly to any customer's requests.

LTIP Consulting Services

We know that Long-Term Incentive Plans can be overwhelming to set up, with a multitude of factors that impact the end result - the alignment of long-term vision among the executives and shareholders, maximizing returns, and increasing value.

GGS IT Consulting offers professional, end-to-end implementation of LTIP software, from project initiation, through implementation, configuration, and development to support handover.

With our expertise, we can help your enterprise cut unnecessary workload, avoid costly mistakes, and save time - ask us how!

See how our software helps in solving common challenges in the Long Term Incentives Plan.

LTIP software tailored to fit your company’s unique demands

Each company has an individual set of rules used to identify the employees eligible for the long-term incentive plans and these plans themselves differ greatly.

With flexible software, we are able to set up and manage highly customizable LTIPs on the fly. Complicated and unique sets of rules your company is using currently can be easily transferred to the LTIP software. You won’t have to waste your time on tracking employment status and performance any longer - the professional LTI software will make sure it’s done automatically and correctly. Following vesting schedules, managing KPIs, calculating the amounts and eligibility of the awards, administering clawbacks and adjustments, and exercising options for each concurrent plan can be easy, foolproof, and simple. We will help you assess how much your particular company can benefit from LTIP management software.

Assuring security and regulatory compliance can be easy

We realize that security is not an option, it’s a must. And it doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck either. With LTIP software you will be able to supply role and permission-based secure access to the system, support audits and history tracking quality, as well as provide transparency and reporting required to manage programs in accordance with the law.

Through the LTIP software, we can create dedicated screens for managers, where they can view information about employees, submit proposals and proceed with approvals. As the access to the employee data is based on the hierarchy we enforce high-security levels and streamline approval flows. With advanced workflow configuration capabilities, we address both internal and external requirements - whatever the complexity, and through multilevel approvals, we guarantee compliance with company budget and local regulators' requirements.

On top of that the systems we implement will help you forecast and calculate accruals needed for the deferred payouts providing an additional layer of protection to your company. Because SECURITY doesn’t just mean controlled access or avoiding a data breach, for us it’s an all-encompassing idea that allows your enterprise to run smoothly and concern-free. Let us help you make it part of your reality as well.

Beqom Technology

As GGS we are preferred partners to Beqom - one of the largest providers of compensation management software on the globe. With Beqom’s software you can administer long term incentive plans with respect to eligibility, allocations, and approvals as well as any combination of instruments such as deferred shares, options, or cash.

Beqom’s software allows you to easily track performance metrics, vesting years, and exercises of the awards within multiple profiles. With Beqom’s LTIP management software, tasks that are otherwise completely overwhelming and unmanageable become a simple process, complete with audit trail, and full reporting.

Beqom’s LTIP software let’s you:

  • Supervise and track bonuses and share awards over multiple deferral and vesting periods.
  • Take advantage of external benchmark data to ensure you are paying competitively against industry standards.
  • Generate detailed LTIP reports and audit statements.
  • Enable employee elections related to currency or tax withholdings.
  • Ensure security by providing hierarchy-based access for HR, finance, management, and all employees.

Advanced reporting

On top of standard reports, we deliver incentive grants and approvals, as well as provide insights and graphically appealing award-related information for the recipients.


The software also integrates with your company’s other systems such as data warehouses, ERP, and HCM, which makes it easy to feed them with updated data.

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