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A strategic partnership with UiPath

Offering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, we support our customers with the best technology on the market - the UiPath Automation Platform.

Here's how we can help you to implement UiPath

Based on our experience and expert knowledge, we offer a 5-step process of implementing RPA solutions.

Process Identification


First, together we identify the list of potential processes for RPA. Then we analyze the business legitimacy and expected returns.

Process Evaluation


Next, we prepare estimation and scope of work. Our team also analyzes the process exception and prepares as-is process map.



Based on estimation, we create task backlog, detailed implementation plan, prepare documentation (Solution Design Document), and then begin developing the bot.

User Acceptance Testing


Users on the client’s side test the solution in a controlled environment. To save client's time, we developed elaborate internal testing procedures to catch most of the bugs on our own maximally reducing the UAT phase.

Go live!


Finally, we move the bot into the production environment and train end-users. Then we provide continuous support and further optimize the solution.

Why UiPath?

UiPath was one of the first “RPA democratizers” on the market. The company has a well-known and established position as an innovative manufacturer, following its goals in the Robotic Process Automation domain.

UiPath is a world-leading RPA software company. Its solutions support complete automation ventures and are considered the fastest, most mature, and most innovative RPA systems.

💬“Bill Gates used to talk at Microsoft about a computer in every home. I want a robot for every person.” Daniel Dines, CEO

Our Strategic Partner in numbers

The vendor has a large number of outside integrations, partners (including GGS), and customers. It naturally entails having a huge community that the company actively supports.

It is no surprise! The data from UiPath customers speaks for itself:


Revenue add with current capacity

$25 million

Cost-saving in 12 months

1 million

Saved hours within a year


Increase of customer Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Reduction of training time


Digital workers created for scale


across all states with existing headcount

Automation and robotization from the beginning

The vendor provides tools for (among others):

  • discovering and mapping processes
  • creating and managing bots (locally and in the cloud)
  • advanced reporting.

The solutions ensure a comprehensive, complex, and versatile end-to-end automation - from process discovery, through measurements, to central management.

Accessible licensing

Our Partner offers a universal pricing model allowing to migrate the workload between on-premise and cloud with single pricing. Such a licensing model gives the customer opportunity for low-cost entry and affordable annual investment.

All UiPath’s licenses are based-on annual subscriptions. The choice of a specific one can be considered from several possible perspectives, for example:

  • license per user
  • license per bot
  • licenses for administration and maintenance.

Flexible approach to long-running workflows

One of the main pros of UiPath solution is a convenient and well-designed space for interactions and cooperation between human-driven and the digital workforces. That can translate into more - practical, efficient, and cost-effective - automations.

It is a well-thought-out and, at the same time, responsible approach. Especially when we consider the number of business processes requiring approval or input as part of their workflows. In other words, as the experienced vendor, UiPath provides a well-balanced, attended, and unattended automation, so much desired on the market.


UiPath is an open platform enabling smooth connectivity for almost all enterprise apps. It resembles a centralized communication point (with code invocation) for 3rd party solutions:

  • analytics systems
  • open APIs
  • dashboard systems.

Adaptation to the roles in the automation processes

UiPath is a mature application portfolio that enables centralized management of automation and monitoring. In addition, it is a user-friendly business platform that can be tailored to the specific roles:

  • Process Analyst
  • Citizen Developer
  • RPA Developer
  • Businesspersons
  • non-technical attending the process.

Citizen Development

A solution supported with a practical training program designed to help and support users without coding experience and moderate technology knowledge.

UiPath runs Meet Citizen Developer Foundation to spotlight UiPath StudioX - a no-code tool that empowers the automation of small tasks. Using a drag-and-drop mechanism, a simple interface, pre-designed templates, and scenarios, the user can conveniently run a bot on the Desktop.

Modular Machine Learning models

UiPath implements unusual Machine Learning (ML) models. They are custom drag-and-drop ML modules (e.g. triggered by embedded Python scripts) that all-size businesses can use at a fraction of the price of traditionally implemented learning models.

Constant improvement

UiPath constantly improves and expand its applications portfolio capabilities, including:

  • SaaS (System as a Service) RPA
  • process mining
  • build-in analytics
  • test automation
  • AI components.

Even though UiPath dynamically improves its technological offer, it is always driven by customer needs. The idea is that automation must be scalable - present and thus functional throughout the entire organization to increase its productivity and profitability (e.g., ROI).

What does it mean for the GGS customers?

If you plan to empower business processes with RPA automation, modify the implemented projects, or want to increase your team performance, we will turn that vision into reality. With UiPath RPA tools all these processes will be a comprehensive, complex, and flexible. It will deliver the expected value precisely as your business objectives demand.


Increasing saves on operational costs

Automate manual operations and repeatable time-consuming tasks

Improving transaction settlement

Reduce the transaction processing time with an improved accuracy rate

Introducing new products to market faster

Deliver new products to offer in 20% less time

Going digital

Make an RPA automation an initiating point or a significant part of your digital transformation

A real-business example

Implementation of a Robotic Process Automation at Westwing

Process Lead Time Reduction

Be closer to your goals

When planning the implementation of RPA and thus increasing the dynamics of your organization, take advantage of our expert knowledge supported and the technology from UiPath.

With such a tandem, you will:

Transform digitally

Initiate, boost and accelerate the digital change in your organization. Improve your competitiveness in the market

Improve the metrics

Gain savings, reduce costs and make your business metrics grow faster

Improve the resilience

Match your workloads peeks, answer the demand spikes, and grasp parallel initiatives

Reduce error ratio

Minimize human errors simultaneously with tasks accuracy improvement (~57%)

Achieve better compliance

Build automation according to the business rules and ensure compliance with various regulations

Increase productivity

Boost your efficiency and thus productivity and see how it improved through the crucial business indicators

Calibrate the focus

Create opportunities for employees to perform more strategic tasks. Increase job engagement and satisfaction

Enhance Customer Experience

Provide much faster and better customer service as well as product interactions

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