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Robotic Process Automation using Office 365 and Power Automate.

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

A big challenge for companies launching robotic process automation projects is the technology barrier. We don’t know which platform to choose, how much to invest, and which processes to automate. What makes things worse, we need to decide between in-house implementation and outsourcing.

Some of these challenges depend on the specifics of the company and processes. However, in many companies, the technology aspect is far less problematic. This is because more and more companies are using Office 365 as their primary tool for communication and collaboration between employees.

However, not many people are aware of the possibilities offered by the built-in functionality that is available within the Office 365 platform. I am talking about Microsoft Power Automate.

How to streamline and automate processes and workflows in your company

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

Many companies have implemented an electronic document workflow without proper thought. That is why we can find even today companies which struggle with outlandish and intricate processes executed in an even more outlandish way. This is the upshot of the digitisation boom moved into full swing several years ago.

Back then, the original idea for making improvements in the back office was: “Lets implement an electronic workflow.”

In most cases, this was a great move. Often, too, a lack of awareness meant that the company and its processes had to adapt to the workflow system, when in fact it should have been the other way around.

As a result, there are quite a few companies that have an electronic workflow system in place, but their processes are far from streamlined.

Guide to Total Compensation. All you need to know about the process and how IT fits in.

ProcessBartłomiej Podolski

There are multiple ways in which people can be compensated for their work. These ways - let's call them the comp elements - can be efficiently divided into two generic groups: fixed pay and variable pay. The fixed pay - as semantics suggests - groups all the compensation elements that are fixed, that is these elements that will be paid regardless of the performance or any other factors.

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

Saving time and money are among the most important benefits that robotic process automation can bring to a company. As one of the types of process automation that uses software robots to do repetitive and error-prone tasks, it requires good planning to achieve optimal results. When working with our clients, we help them in implementing robotic process automation software, from strategic planning, through process mapping, bot building, and delivery. We know from experience that it takes more than investing in the right tools to implement RPA. First, you need to understand what RPA is and how it works.

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