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What is the difference between automation and robotization?

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

Traditional automation and robotic process automation are very different things, and some business owners out there may not know when it is appropriate to implement either of them. The truth is, both of these forms of automation can be extremely beneficial to a business-- but they are, fundamentally, very different when it comes to design, operation, implementation, and success.

In this guide, we’ll explore what automation and robotic process automation are, their key differences and similarities, and some examples of how both work within a business to perform tasks more efficiently.

How to Save Hundreds of Employee Hours Using RPA

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

As software automation has entered the world of business technology, there’s never been a better time to implement RPA in your business.

Automation isn’t an unfamiliar part of the business tech stack, but many businesses still don’t understand the merits of using this time-saving technology at work. With benefits like higher employee productivity, reduction in labour costs, and the ability to scale with your business, RPA is a tool that can function in almost every industry.

But what, exactly, is RPA, and how can automation tools save your company money? Let’s take a look.

3 ways in which you can deliver applications in your company

Digital transformationMateusz Tajak

Are you in the market to implement a new application into your business? Perhaps you’ve recently launched a startup and need an all-in-one business intelligence platform. Maybe you want to switch to a new CRM. Whatever your specific use case might be, you might be wondering-- “What is the best way to deliver this new application?”

The short answer involves three different delivery options, which include boxed applications, custom applications, and low-code applications. We’ll break down everything you need to know about all three-- and why the latter could be the best choice for your business.

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