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We implement Compensation & Benefits Management software

The implementation of the software will help you to manage the following processes:

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With Comp & Ben Software you are able to manage all of your processes in one place

Typically in organizations there are multiple data sources for Comp & Ben. These include HCM platforms, payroll systems and typically dozens of spreadsheets. Comp & Ben software will help you to integrate the data from these sources, remove unnecessary spreadsheets and side solutions, and let you have all your Comp & Ben processes in one place.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits is a wide topic with magnitude of elements that impact the end result: the well-being, satisfaction and performance of every company's greatest asset - the people. "A company is only as good as the people it keeps." once said Mary Kay Ash and we find it true.

Let the dedicated Comp & Ben Software help you to fairly and accurately manage all the aspects of people's compensation. Click the button below and we will check with you how the C&B software could help in your unique situation.

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Highly recommendable!

GGS IT Consulting has supported E.ON in setting up and running the LTI of the compensation and benefits application. We've got to know them as a very professional, proactive, and trusted partner who always delivers on their promise. They are not only technically very capable, but also understand the business context. We are very satisfied with GGS IT Consulting and I highly recommend them.

Juan Brea Piket
Head of Reward&Global Mobility E.ON SE

Meticulous understanding of business

The breadth of knowledge and understanding that GGS has within it allows us to leverage that expertise to make superior deliverables for our employees and customers.

Michael Miloszewski
Managing Director at Brintons Agnella

Great experience

After several months of cooperation in the area of process automation and data, we can confirm that GGS is a professional IT company, helpful in managing our Business Process Automation Platform. GGS team is efficient and reliable, always ready to offer support, and we can recommend them as a business partner.

Michał Gulewicz
IT Manager at Saint-Gobain

What are the benefits?

Use the panel below to find out about the benefits of implementing dedicated Comp & Ben management software.


One central tool for all your Comp & Ben needs. Manage all the processes under one roof.

Save Time

Save hundreds of hours of work yearly for your HR department. Eliminate spreadsheets and laborious work. Digitalize and automate. It's XXI century after all!


Manage the Comp & Ben processes in a flexible tool - the way you deem the best. Remove workarounds, side solutions and extensive exception handling.

Administer with ease

Setup the compensation rounds with ease. Adjust the parameters, prepare and run the processes when the time is right.

Be errorproof

Have you ever happened to send a wrong spreadsheet, with a wrong data, to a wrong person? Or miscalculate the payout? With the proper software it will not happen again.


Take advantage of full audit trail, separation of duties and potential hidden in logs. Everything in the system is tracked and auditable and you are in charge of that.

Single source of truth

Use the C&B software as single source of truth and enjoy pace of mind that comes with it.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Report real things real time in a modern BI reporting tool dedicated for your Comp & Ben needs.

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and transform your Total Compensation Management

Capture various HR data streams
Analyze and manage processes
Deliver results

Why GGS is the right partner for you?


Dedicated team for your project. We know that enterprise software requires deep focus to achieve exceptional results.


End to End process: from project initiation, through implementation, configuration and development to support handover.


ISO 27001 compliant to ensure that your data is safe.


Reliable implementation process where we use JIRA, Slack and Git repository management.


Customers Across Europe, US, Asia


Enterprise scale projects delivered


Project implementation success rate

300 000+

Hours saved for our clients


Digitized processes

Case studies

LTI software implementation at E.ON

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Here are some typical questions that you might have when it comes to the dedicated Comp & Ben software.

Why should I optimize my Comp & Ben solution?

There is multiple reasons for that. Most importantly, the dedicated Compensation & Benefits software will allow you to take care of your people from all the angles. Employees compensation will be more accurate and benchmarked to the market. The communication will be easier and better. Calculations will be automatic. Execution of the processes will be less involving and modifications will be easier. You will have the time and capacity of people and resources to actually plan your Compensation and Benefits strategy and execute the planning.

Life of the Comp & Ben department will be easier and more effective.

When should I start to think about Comp & Ben software?

Ideally, you should start thinking about the Comp & Ben software before you even notice that your processes are lagging behind the reality and needs. For example when you notice that your sensitive and important processes are carried out in spreadsheets or custom solutions that you don't have control of. Another sign that you need a dedicated Comp & Ben tool is that your processes take too much time and effort and that your Comp & Ben department is ever busy with manual tasks and administration.

I already have Workday, SAP SucessFactors, PeopleSoft or other HCM tool. Is there a place for improvement?

Typically yes. The software that we implement does not aim to substitute the big HR tools and solutions. It fills in the gap between the Human Capital Management / ERP solutions and the Compensation & Benefits department needs. Unlike the other typical HR solutions, it is flexible and tailored to the Comp & Ben processes in its very roots. Experience the coverage of 100% of the processes by the dedicated software that adapts to you and your requirements, processes and needs.

How does the typical Comp & Ben software implementation project look like?

We strongly encourage our customers to implement in the Agile way of doing project. This means working together hand to hand with the technical and business teams, opening lines of communications, providing the solution increments and actually seeing how it goes and what you get. There is nothing better for the success of the project than seeing everyday how it grows and gets shape.

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