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How using Microsoft Power Automate as Robotic Process Automation software benefits your business

RPASebastian Grzesik

When you think about office productivity software, what brand springs to mind? Chances are, if you are like nearly 50% of the business market, you would have said ‘Microsoft Office 365’. That’s because with over 2.3 million companies using the product worldwide, Microsoft Office 365 enjoys a very healthy market share. 46.85% market share to be exact, according to one recent data capture. With all of these companies using Microsoft 365, there is one very surprising thing to consider. Not many people are aware of the robotic process automation possibilities that are built into the Office 365 platform. This article sets out to change all that.

How Robotic Process Automation is changing the world of e-commerce

RPAMateusz Tajak

RPA. These three simple letters are set to have a massive impact on the future of business. If you haven’t already heard of Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) you soon will (and not just in this article). Indeed, RPA is set to revolutionize not just the manufacturing and banking sectors, but also the retail and e-commerce industry. And it is already happening. As more and more CEOs and CIOs catch on to the unlimited potential of this new tech, they are using it to streamline their business operations, improve customer experience and reduce costs. At the same time too, they are freeing up their living, breathing workforce to focus on higher-value work.

To understand the advantages and results you can achieve by implementing robotic process automation in e-commerce applications, we’ll first take a look at exactly why RPA matters now more than ever.

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